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Skatemill HST by HDTS

In our production hall, we ensure the assembly of the latest generation of the HST hockey skating treadmill by HDTS , the world’s leading supplier of hockey diagnostic training centers. We are proud to offer skatemill HST as one of our innovative and high-quality products. The Skatemill is a versatile and customizable training tool that allows skaters on all levels to train and improve their skills in a controlled and safe environment.

The skatemill is an excellent addition to the training process in both clubs and national teams, as well as individually. In the Fusion Skating zone by HDTS at HST you can develop the following hockey skills:

  • Skating technique (with automatic analysis system which uses AI and methodology for its improvement),
  • Scoring (a set of skills leading to scoring goals),
  • Passing with teammates and training equipment thanks to the only barrier-free training environment on artificial ice in the Fusion Skating Zone,
  • Stickhandling – technique, dribbling,
  • Peripheral vision.

At the same time, in the zone with the HST skatemill, you can significantly develop the physical condition of the player.

The latest generation of HST skating treadmills can either be part of large hockey centers or can be installed separately in smaller space. The choice of configuration always depends on the intended use, the target audience and the capabilities of the client.

More information about the features of the HST skatemill by HDTS can be found on the page HockeyStrideTrack, which is dedicated to the skatemill and its modifications.

If you are interested in the possibility of equipping a skatemill, as well as in more information, contact us via email or leave a request for individual configuration on the HDTS website.